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Kingshott Family History

by Jan Brian Kingshott
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Welcome to my Kingshott family history website.

King Harold - A King Shot! (Ha!)

I have been researching the Kingshott family for many years and I have only now got around to finally putting something online for the benefit of other people researching this surname. This is the result. 


Please bear in mind that this only represents a very small amount of the work that I have done. It is always worth contacting me if you don't see what you are looking for here, as it is almost certain that I will have something offline that will be of interest. Similarly, it is worth contacting me if you do see something of interest as it is likely that I have more information offline.


I will try to update this site as often as I can with various bits and pieces of information, and I will try to make it interesting and entertaining. If you see any mistakes or links that don't work, or it looks like it has been thrown together by a drunk chimpanzee, please let me know.


have recently had to switch web-hosting and as a result some of the hyperlinks may not work. If you find any that don't please let me know.  


Any suggestions or criticisms on my website, or the content, would be gratefully received. 



In the meantime if you have a Kingshott in your family then I want to hear from you!


Contacting Me
Please contact me initially via e-mail. I will respond as quickly as possible, but apologise in advance if there is a delay. I work shifts, and sometimes take longer to reply than I would like.  
E-mail me via the "Contact Me" page.